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REVEALED: The SECRET many Exclusive Parents have Discovered to give their Children Character Education after the School Day is done!

(We’ll transport your child from his or her elementary school to our martial arts school, and develop strong character while providing healthy exercise in a fun, safe environment, until you pick up your child on the way home from work. Read on to find out how!!)

Dear Fellow Parent, 

You know, children are like sponges – they learn all the time . . . and sometimes they learn things we’d rather they didn’t.

In school they learn reading, writing and arithmetic, but what do they learn after school while you are still at work? Sure, there are lots of day care programs and after school “activities” that will babysit your child, but do they actually teach anything?

Will they watch television? Play video games? Or learn from the other children? 

In our after school martial arts program children learn things that aren’t taught anywhere else, like discipline, respect, and cooperation, while they are getting lots of healthy exercise. They get stronger physically and mentally, and develop AWESOME martial arts skills. 

I’m very PROUD to say that HUNDREDS of parents and families in the Rockville area are sharing the “best kept secret” for character education every day by telling other parents about our after school program. 

Take me up on my “no strings attached” FREE trial offer, and watch as your child quickly discovers NEW confidence, focus, and self-esteem. 

I know it’s tough being a working parent, especially if you are single. After work there just isn’t much time to teach your child how to make the right choices, and it’s especially tough to play both mother and father.

Rockville parents tell us that our instructors become like “superheroes” to their children, providing them with the positive role models they truly need to accomplish their goals, and live a clean, happy, healthy lifestyle.

Not only that, but the other children in our program are also focused on being positive, enthusiastic, and on achieving goals.

Just imagine what your child could accomplish with such solid character education, powerful role models, and a positive peer group!


Well, I have great news for you: You don’t have to Imagine. You can see it all for yourself at NO RISK, NO COST, and NO OBLIGATION!!

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