Dear Mothers, Why are you struggling to relax and de-stress?

Mothers Need To be Relaxed and De-stressed Every Day through Martial Arts Training.

Dear Moms,

Hi, this is Master Jin Won Kim.

Witnessing my wife raising our daughter in past couple years, it seems like a LOT more harder than becoming a 7th degree black belt martial artist.
It ABSOLUTELY require all these traits like endless care-giving, loving, tolerating, understanding, sacrificing and so on and on and on….

Yes! I know… how stressful it can be if you do not have a WAY OUT to release your tension 
and stress. Today, I like to suggest you WHY learning martial arts can be tremendous help for your mental and physical and furthermore spiritual health!

Learn to recognize the stress response.

In order to assess the difference that martial arts training will be making to your stress levels, you’ll need to know what your stress response typically consists of. Some or many of the following responses are fairly commonplace in a highly stressed person, while the following step will clarify how martial arts will make a positive difference in reducing these types of stress response:

  • Your heart rate and blood pressure increase, with more blood going to the muscles (hence tension)
  • Your oxygen levels change, with less oxygen going to your conscious brain and more going to your reactive brain, leaving you open to mental blanking, memory failure, loss of logic, increase in emotions, narrow your attention and cause you to be edgy
  • Your blood clots faster and blood sugar levels increase, resulting in jelly legs, sugar cravings and sometimes heartburn
  • You may feel paralyzed, your stomach knotted, and your voice may change or be constricted
  • Your breathing can become more rapid, your sensitivity heighten, and your body temperature increase, potentially causing dizziness, fainting, increased hearing and seeing ability, sweating and hot flushes
  • Other noticeable or long-term changes that can damage health.     

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Understand how martial arts can reduce your stress and lessen your vulnerability to stress.

The purpose of traditional martial arts is to train a winning spirit or mind. A winning spirit can only fully form by developing the certain characteristics, all of which are highly helpful to building your coping mechanisms against stress, such as improving your decision-making, calming your fears, and projecting confidence.

As the list in the step prior to this one shows, each of these elements is often absent in a highly stressed person, as hyper-sensitivity to other people’s verbal and bodily cues and a high state of alertness for danger brought on by real or perceived dangers in the workplace, on the street, in social settings, etc. take over.

And when anger or fear dominate, the thinking processes tend to shut down, and a constant state of being like this leaves you stressed. Learning the way of the warrior spirit may help you to contain your stress responses and teach you how to establish real focus and self-management. The following elements are usual parts of what you’ll learn in your martial arts training:

  • You will be responding to situations that involve fear.
  • You will be learning how to develop non-verbal behaviors that manage to communicate confidence to others.
  • As you increase through the different levels of your martial arts training (usually denoted by different colors of belts), you will start to wield more and more mastery over your body’s reactions and over your fear reactions. The resulting confidence and decreased fearfulness will give you greater positive thinking power that can help you learn to cope with and lessen the impact of stressors in your life.
  • Martial arts will give you the internal discipline to react to a world that doesn’t slow down or stand still for anyone; how you react to external stimuli makes all the difference between staying stressed or coping and staying resilient.

I really do believe all mothers deserve to live in harmony and balance.
Do not forget to treat most important person of your life! 

Jin Won Kim

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Rockville, MD 20852
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