missy treece


It’s all Great!
“The personal time my son receives. The encouragement he needs to push himself excel physically and mentally. The coaches as teach life lessons that the kids can use every day. I especially love it when they talk about not to be a bully and what they should so do if they are bullied. Its all Great!”
—Missy Treece

   kristal tacker

He loves it!
“My son is 4, he loves it! They have taken their time with him, made sure he has understood every move along the way! We’ve been 3 times and his instructors know him by name. That says a lot to me.”
—Kristal Tacker

richard davidson


Coaching and Mentoring
“The staff does a great job of coaching and mentoring kids, not only Taekwondo, but about being a good person.”
—Richard Davidson



The Only Solution to my After School Care Problem
“US White Tiger Martial Arts Academy” is the only solution to my after school care problem. They give the convenience of picking up my children after school and bringing them closer to where I work. They keep the kids active, teach self discipline, self confidence, and of course Taekwondo skills. This is much better than sitting on a couch and watching TV after school. My kids have been there for several years, it was the best decision I could have made for them.”
—Angie Skinner

karate class review


Great Atmosphere!
“Great atmosphere, and has been great for my sons self-esteem and self-confidence!”
—Summer Hogan


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